Thursday, February 19, 2015

Q&A with Stephen Samuelian: What to Expect from Skilled Nursing Care

Stephen Samuelian
Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s is a mentally and physically draining effort, says Stephen Samuelian. Each family arrives at a decision to place a loved one in a nursing facility based on their particular needs and circumstances. It is a decision based on several things, including the level of care needed and safety that is unavailable to the person at home, notes Stephen Samuelian.

Q: Finding the best care possible for a loved one is not an easy task. How should one go about this?

Stephen Samuelian: It’s a good idea to prepare a checklist of things to look for and questions to ask to help you in making a decision that will be best for your family. You may need to trust your instinct about a facility, and if necessary, visit the facility again before making a decision.

Q: Which services are available at skilled care facilities?

Stephen Samuelian: Skilled nursing homes provide professional care 24/7. They offer short- and long-term care for individuals who need rehabilitation services or who suffer from serious or persistent health issues.

Q: How should I determine what type of care is necessary for my loved one?

Stephen Samuelian: If your loved one needs round-the-clock nursing care, assistance with meals, personal hygiene, medications and portability, more help than the family or present caregiver can provide, a skilled nursing care facility may be needed.

Q: Transitions can be difficult at any age. What can our family members do to show their support for Mom or Dad?

Stephen Samuelian: Visit, call or email regularly and encourage other family members to do the same. Bring any concerns you might have to the administrator immediately. Get involved in the facility or the community through volunteering or through various councils.