Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Stephen Samuelian: Tips for Finding the Right Nursing Facility

Stephen Samuelian
When beginning the process of selecting assisted living for a loved one, start by visiting the nursing facility, says Stephen Samuelian, co-founder of Life Generations Health Care. Talk to staff and residents and observe the living conditions. Along with checking for obvious factors, such as cleanliness and safety, look for the intangibles: do the residents seem happy and well cared for? If they do, that’s an encouraging sign. If they don’t, it may be time to look elsewhere, cautions Stephen Samuelian. Notice if phones and call lights ring for a long period of time without being answered, or if trays are not attended to after meal time. Both can indicate whether the facility is adequately staffed. Finally, ask for recent nursing facility inspection reports. Research the staff and length of employment and double-check the resumes of doctors.

Here’s an important note. If the administration delays or is hesitant to provide the information you’re seeking – run! Stephen Samuelian also suggests visiting the nursing facility compare page of

According to Stephen Samuelian, the most effective solution is to combine strategies to ensure a loved one’s proper care. Under the nursing facility regulations, an assessment of the resident’s interests, personality, and health care needs are used to develop a health care plan that determines not only how he or she will be cared for, but also who will carry it out and the varied tasks required to accomplish the task. State and federal legislation requires documentations of these care plans and you can monitor them to make sure it’s being followed.

Check records regularly, maintain contact with doctors and nurses and participate in care plan meetings, notes Stephen Samuelian. Help your loved one stay connected to family and friends as much as possible. Taking these steps and remaining actively involved in your loved one’s life will go a long way to enhancing their nursing facility experience.