About Stephen Samuelian

Stephen Samuelian
Stephen Samuelian is one of the nation’s most experienced and respected healthcare industry leaders with over three decades of successful business endeavors to his credit. He is the founder of Haven Health Group, a collection of skilled nursing care and assisted living facilities based in Bountiful, Utah. As well, Stephen Samuelian has also played a major role in the development of Covenant Care and Life Generations Healthcare.

Growing up, it was evident to the family of Stephen Samuelian that he would make his living in the construction industry. After earning his contractor’s license at the age of 19, the California native entered the world of entrepreneurship with the development of his first construction company. Since then, Stephen Samuelian has had many successes to his credit with Sacon Construction finding its niche as a builder of specialized medical facilities.

Expanding his interest in real estate as well as his professional portfolio, Stephen Samuelian founded Emerald Development Inc. Through this company, Stephen Samuelian gained extensive experience in the development of industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

A serial entrepreneur at the heart, Stephen Samuelian has leveraged his experience in medical construction services to build quality and affordable skilled nursing facilities across Utah and California. His innate compassion, eye for detail, and insistence on perfection have given Stephen Samuelian an edge over the competition. He believes that in order to be the provider of choice he must continually invest and improve upon every aspect of his business. This philosophy is evident in every detail of Haven Health Group and is reflected in the testimonials of residents and staff alike.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Stephen Samuelian is an active community member who sits on the board of numerous philanthropic organizations including The Perfect Moment Foundation and Rising Stars Outreach. He is active with Care for Life and remains involved in the ongoing development of Generations Healthcare and Haven Health Group.

Outside of work, Stephen Samuelian is a father and grandfather seven times over. An avid outdoorsman, Samuelian enjoys taking his grandchildren on rugged adventures in the mountains and waterways of the West Coast. He splits his time between Park City, Utah, and Laguna Beach, California.